Our mission centre around mobilization of resources

building and managing a permanent endowment fund to improve the lives of families as this.

Change must stem from within the family.

This is why we play central role in reinstating family as a basic unit of life.

Founder Director amidst our football team.

To the young as these, sports provide a vehicle for healthier lifestyles while symbolize family unity.

With child activists playing a pivotal role

our hope for a world that realizes and protects child rights will soon become a reality.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Save Family Tanzania Charity Capacity Building Training;

 A Grant by The Foundation For Civil Society (July-September 2014)

From July to September 2014, The Foundation for Civil Society awarded  SFTC a Grant to capacitate it’s staff and members  on how to strategically plan its programs, manage, implement and effectively monitor results of any project intended to address issues in the community within which it works. 
With the grant, 20 SFTC staff and members managed to build capacity on Financial Management and control to allow reliable financial reporting and more solid financial management of the operation throughout the organization, how to prepare and preparing strategic plan. The training was a success and as a result, SFTC came up with a three years strategic plan from September 2014 to August 2017.

Below: Sftc staff and members Training by photos